Please submit your presentations by September 15
This is not a firm deadline.

Please be ready to submit your pre-recorded presentations by September 15. We are very much aware of the fact that the pandemic is not over and that you may not be able to meet this deadline for a variety of reasons, which is why we don't see this date as a firm deadline. Nevertheless, we believe that participants should have access to the presentations early enough that they can watch the presentations that they are interested in.

Our goal is to start putting panels/tracks online as soon as they are complete. In other words, we will not wait until all presentations will have been submitted, but will make panels/tracks available as soon as they are complete.

We won't always circulate email notifications once a panel/track is online, but will do so on our social media channels—so follow us on Facebook and/or Twitter.

Pre-Recorded Presentations

Video presentations may take any numbers of forms—slideshows with voice-overs, talking head videos, video essays, etc. They are expected to be 15 minutes. We will ask you to shorten excessively long videos.

For accessibility reasons, we'd (at least) ask you to either integrate captions/subtitles into your videos or to submit your scripts along with your videos.

Pre-Recorded Presentations

Texts with illustrations/slides may be 1,500 words max and include up to 10 illustrations. We will not accept excessively long texts.

For accessibility reasons, presentation manuscripts should describe illustrations if they use any (a kind of alt-text, if you will; this will not count toward the word limit).

Real-Time Slots

For the "live" slots, chairs are tasked to make sure that the total time used for presentations/input will be no more than 45 minutes (i.e., that there will be 45 minutes discussion time). Essentially, in these real-time settings, you might only have very short "position statements" of a couple of sentences and then discuss the topic.

Presentation Upload

Please also use this form if you upload your presentation somewhere other than the Google Drive provided here.

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